Driving housing entrepreneurship

Driving housing entrepreneurship

January 22, 2020

Godwin Okri
Godwin Okri

Godwin Okri is an inspiring entrepreneurs with the skill to seal deal. Okri is driving housing entrepreneurship to create wealth and income, DANIEL ESSIET reports.

As population grows and expands in the country, some states find themselves lacking enough housing for current and future residents.

This is where entrepreneurship comes in, working together to bridge the housing gap. One of them is Godwin Okri, who is the Chief Executive of Menvo Limited, a property consultancy firm.

He is an innovative entrepreneur with 14 years’experience in the United Kingdom (UK) as a property investor. He is also a realtor in Florida State, United States. He is also a lawyer specialising in strategic property investment.

He established Menvo Limited, an advisory company to empower people to acquire wealth through assistance in the areas of property acquisition, disposal and strategic planning.

In such a short time, he has transited from representing banks and investors in the court and helping them repossess properties, to now being a heavy investor in the property market.

For Okri, there is no asset class as strong as property and he’s driven by a passion and proven track-record for successful property investments. He believes in safe, low risk ways to solve property challenges and create wealth for people.

He had skills and a legal and business education. He has been able to fit the pieces together. In the last 10 years, he has closed a lot of quality deals. He is always looking for valuation gaps and observing market sentiments. His company works with investors to buy and deliver houses and homes worth millions of pounds on his books.

From inception, he made it a policy and priority to build the best properties at affordable prices. This strategy elevated his company to be one of the best property developing companies in the UK. He also conducts regular seminars around the world on how to build wealth through strategic property investments.

He has already published a book titled: Investing in Property with Strategy that shows the science to investment. The book has sold numerous copies in the UK and has been acclaimed as a new scientific methodology and a benchmark for successful property investments.

He is bringing his campaign for wealth creation to Nigeria. His mission is to partner Nigerians and expose them to strategies on how to make money through real estate investment, show people how it works.

For him, fledgling housing entrepreneurs need not so much access to financing to grow and thrive, but knowledge and affordable sources.

To help his cause, Okri created a property investment TV show in the UK known as the Okri Property Show (TOPS). It was inaugurated primarily to educate and create investment awareness to the British public. To see a better Nigeria, Okri is starting the show in Nigeria.

TOPS, according to him, will educate investors or first time buyers on the secret of wealth creation through property investments.

He has found that a lot of low- income earners don’t make money in property. This is because they don’t know the tricks to invest sensibly.

For him, these are exciting times to invest in property business. He said the property market offers great opportunity to make money. However, if an investor fails to invest wisely, they lose or not make money at all.

But despite his achievements, his wealth does not get to his head.

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